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ActBlue Q3 Stats: The Candidates

Third Quarter Stats: July 1 – September 30, 2008

In the last post we showed you the big picture- big totals for dollars and donors. In this post, we’ll focus on the people who are the reason for your giving through ActBlue- the Democratic candidates and committees that inspire us and will lead the country at the federal and state level because of your support.

Check below to see the Top 10 Candidates by Dollars and the Top 10
Candidates by Donors for the third quarter of 2008.

Top 10 Candidates by Contributions for Q3 2008

1. Kay Hagan NC-Sen $778,573.20
2. Rick Noriega TX-Sen $435,827.78
3. Barack Obama President $424,300.38
4. Mark Warner VA-Sen $280,859.45
5. Darcy Burner WA-08 $267,614.18
6. Equality for All CA-Prop 8 $263,247.68
7. Joseph Sestak Jr. PA-07 $231,111.29
8. Gary Peters MI-09 $230,140.86
9. Scott Kleeb NE-Sen $220,603.07
10. Martin Heinrich NM-01 $200,775.79

Many of these candidates are veterans of ActBlue (and some, military veterans, too). Eight of the Top 10 candidates from Q2 have returned to the list in Q3. Newcomers include Darcy Burner and the No on Proposition 8 ballot initiative, the first time we’ve seen a ballot committee join this list. It’s also a reminder that ActBlue is not just for candidates, but make fundraising easy for other organizations including PACs as well as State and County Parties.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 candidates this quarter by donors.

Top 10 Candidates by Donors for Q3 2008

1. Rick Noriega TX-Sen 6612
2. Darcy Burner WA-08 6406
3. Kay Hagen NC-Sen 5584
4. Barack Obama President 4560
5. Al Franken MN-Sen 4103
6. Scott Kleeb NE-Sen 2988
7. Andrew Rice OK-Sen 2796
8. Campaign for our Country PAC 2554
9. Accountability Now PAC 2484
10. Annette Taddeo FL-18 2441

While many of the same candidates appear in this list as well, there are also some fresh faces! Senate nominees from Minnesota and Oklahoma, two different grassroots PACs, plus Annette Taddeo of Florida making an entrance into the Top 10 lists. Last quarter, only two candidates had over 2,500 donors on ActBlue (Rick Noriega and Scott Kleeb). This time, eight of the top ten have over 2,500 donors and the top three all have over 5,000 donors each for the quarter!

There are so many more candidates beyond the Top 10, though. In fact, in Q3, ActBlue distributed checks for funds raised by 1622 candidates– the most ever in one quarter! That includes candidates, local parties, and grassroots entities across the country. While the Top 10 lists give us a picture of campaigns with a broad base of support, there are tens of thousands of other donors making an impact in 1612 other races across the country.

Our next post will look at the impact that you can have on these Democratic races by taking the next step beyond donating and that’s looking at our ActBlue fundraising pages!

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