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ActBlue Q3 Stats: The Fundraisers

Third Quarter Stats: July 1 – September 30, 2008

Fundraising pages are by far and away our favorite stat to post about during our quarterly stats report. They speak to the core purposes of ActBlue- transparency, accountability, and empowerment. Creating a fundraising page allows any individual to take personal ownership in raising money for a candidate or slate of candidates. ActBlue has tools that help you to create your own personal page or reach out to your existing email contacts, and goal based tools to give you visible fundraising targets. We hope you’ll take some time to set up a page and become a successful fundraiser yourself like any of those below.

Here are some links to articles on how to create an Event Page on ActBlue to manage large or small fundraisers, how one candidate creatively mobilized and energized his supporters, and, of course, how to start fundraising on ActBlue. Now on to the stats!

Top 10 Fundraising Pages by Dollars for Q2 2008

1.orangetoblue $630,532.58
2.ricknoriega $239,713.76
3.accountabilitynow $161,296.88
4.heinrich $151,471.25
5.warner $142,405.08
6.rangelsvictoryfund $130,950.00
7.khagan $114,814.93
8.schauerforcongress $112,815.00 $110,975.55
10.gavinnewsom $104,886.64

Did you know that in Q2 only 4 of the top 10 fundraising pages by total dollars had over $100,000 raised through them? In Q3, all 10 of the Top 10 pages raised over $100,000 each.

Top 10 Fundraising Pages by Donors for Q2 2008

1.orangetoblue 6800
2.ricknoriega 2547
3.accountabilitynow 2417
4.blueamericacontest 1901
5.contest 1824
6.heinrich 863
7.barbara4jeanneandkay 789
8.havedarcysback 760
9.boxer4musgrove 638
10.scottkleebforsenate 621

There are some really outstanding candidates and more importantly fundraising pages in these lists. They include a successful event page, efforts by national bloggers to raise a short burst of funds for an Accountability PAC, and efforts by bloggers to get the back of one of their longtime supported candidates Darcy Burner. In addition, Sen. Barbara Boxer has continued to make effective use of ActBlue pages to raise funds for other candidates via her PAC for a Change.

Also this quarter, the Blue America coalition of bloggers, held two separate fundraising contests for their endorsed House and Senate candidates. By working with campaigns, state blogospheres, and their own online communitities, they successfully generated over 3,000 additional contributions for their previously endorsed candidates as each campaign tried to gain the most new donors to these specific fundraising pages in order to received an addtional $5000 check from the Blue America PAC. Contests like this could be a successful model for you to try!

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