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ActBlue Q3 Stats: The Totals

Third Quarter Stats: July 1-September 30, 2008

This is the last “quarter” for federal campaigns in terms of being a full three months of the year. But that hardly means things are winding down- on the contrary, it was ActBlue second $10 Million+ quarter!


Q1 2008 (Jan.1-Mar.31, 2008 $7,091,127.39
Q2 2008 (Apr. 1-June 30, 2008) $13,674,897.81
Q3 2008 (Jul. 1-Sept 30, 2008) $12,488,594.79
Lifetime through Sept 30, 2008 $67,556,456.27

The last quarter represents nearly 1/5th of all funds raised by Democrats on ActBlue since our inception. But as this election cycle has proven, the bigger story is not in the total number of dollars raised, but in the total number of donors who have given. As you can see in the chart below, these totals have grown tremendously quarter to quarter this year.


Q1 2008 (Jan.1-Mar.31, 2008) 54,918 Q2 2008 (Apr. 1-June 30, 2008) 65,089 Q3 2008 (Jul. 1-Sept 30, 2008) 135,086

And how does that compare to past history? Look no further than this final table.

Year Amount Raised Donors Avg Donation
2004 $862,698.36 26406 $32.67
2005 $1,684,797.22 23816 $70.74
2006 $15,102,597.73 282566 $53.45
2007 $16,872,127.06 169287 $99.67
2008* $38,578,024.31 393024 $98.16

*through September 30th

Even with the growth in the dollar and donor base in 2008, the average contribution size is still less than $100 per donation, even down slightly from 2007. This is the power of small donors collectively making an impact to fund Democratic candidates across the country.

Speaking of those candidates- that’s the subject of our next Q3 stats post!

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