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Elections are unpredictable and we have seen in recent years (who can forget 2000!) that Election Day does not always mean the end of the campaign. Here at ActBlue, not only can we get properly file campaigns up and running with a contribution system in less than 5 minutes, but we work with those who need extra time to fundraise beyond election day.

Recounts, recount committees, and special elections are just some of the reasons why Democrats need to have supportive infrastructure beyond Election Day. ActBlue works with campaigns to keep them fundraising during these special circumstances. Our community fundraising platform allows bloggers, party committees, and individuals to create their own personal pages to shepard financial support to critical post-election ballot counting or runoffs.

You might be familiar with some of the campaigns on the list below- these are the top campaigns by dollars raised since Election Day, and just a part of the $3,739,240 total raised across ActBlue since the election “was over”.

Name Race Amount
Jim Martin GA-Sen $1,288,346.26
Franken Recount Fund MN-Sen $920,834.11
Pennsylvania Democratic Party – Federal $171,087.70
Gavin Newsom CA-Gov $129,705.54
Chris Bell TX-SD-17 $125,849.23
Sara Feigenholtz IL-05 $82,295.00
Diane D. Denish NM-Gov $56,900.00
Jody Wagner VA-Lt Gov $52,511.00
Paul Carmouche LA-04 $42,302.50
Democratic Black Caucus of Virginia $41,590.00
Kilroy Counts Votes Committee OH-15 $36,225.46
Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee – State $35,459.50
Charlie Brown CA-04 $31,391.92

Over $1 million was raised for Jim Martin who faced a runoff election for the US Senate from Georgia and close to another $1 million was raised for the still ongoing recount in another US Senate race in Minnesota where Democrat Al Franken now appears to have taken the lead after all votes have been recounted. In Texas, Chris Bell faced a runoff election for a State Senate seat near Houston and nearly 40% of what he raised on ActBlue was after November 4th. Extended ballot counting in Ohio and California saw candidates continue to raise funds through their existing accounts.

And proving that it’s never too early to start fundraising, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has already begun raising funds for a potential 2010 gubernatorial bid in California!

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