Congressman Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy won his special election today for the NY-20 seat after James Tedisco conceded (TPMNYT).

ActBlue was there from start to finish.  His early numbers at ActBlue demonstrated his viability in the first weeks of the race.  As the race tightened in the final weeks, Senator Gillibrand and General Wesley Clark added to the momentum with fundraising asks.  And within hours of the initial election results, we set up the New York Victory Protection Fund between the state party and the campaign to protect the election.
Each of these successes contributed to the next because of our commitment to transparency.  Donors, fundraisers, and the press could all see the campaign building strength each day.
We’re proud to play a role in every step of Democratic victory.  Congratulations, Congressman Murphy.

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Harriet Hanusik


Please support the SMA Treatment Acceleration Act. H.R. 3334, S. 2042
Spinal muscular atrophy is an inherited disorder that cause the death of nerve cells in the spinal cord, which results in weakness and muscle wasting.
The families of SMA need your support in having this bill passed to help these innocent babies/children.
-Brooklynn Rae’s Granny

John Auran


The greed of the big pharmaceutical companies has shown again that it knows no bounds. I refer you to the article in Times (july 22) that the biologic part of the industry wants tp extend the period of exclusivity from five to twelve years. And says the extension is likely to pass the Senate and go to the House.
Personally, I would not give them anything, but i’m willing to stand for a two-year extension and I hope you feel the same way. If we ever are going to get a handle on health care cost, we have to resist these special pleadings dreamed up by K Street riffraff,
FYI, I’ve had multiple sclerosis since 1988 and I”m almost ashamed to say that I relied heavily on Avonex to keep me relatively stable, unfortunately at VA expense. (Korean vet) for the last eight years.