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We’re Blue, ActBlue.

Anyone can create a personal fundraising page at ActBlue. As a result, there are a lot of people who like to get the political system a little shaken up and bring new money into politics via a personalized ActBlue page. Others are stirred into action at the bequest of someone else's ask to donate through their page.

But whether you are shaken or stirred into political action, ActBlue is ready and waiting for everyone.

And that means everyone- including James Bond.

Those of you with a golden eye may have noticed that 1990's James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan and his wife are hosts of an ActBlue fundraising events page for a Democratic candidate in California's 35th State Assembly District. Fundraising for Democrats certainly has some similarities to film. You often pay a ticket for entry, hope that the candidate becomes a (ballot) box office hit, and you pull for the good guys to win.

Ten years ago, the state of our world was not enough for some voters to become engaged. But today, as he writes in his personal fundraising pitch, Brosnan understands that we can't wait to let the earth die another day.

Susan was critical in our fight to stop the construction of a
dangerous Liquefied Natural Gas terminal off the coast of Malibu and
Oxnard in 2007. In 2008, Susan stopped the construction of a massive
Orange County toll road through San Onofre State Park, the birthplace
of Trestles, a world renown surf spot. Currently, she is fighting to
stop renewed offshore oil drilling off our California coast.

Over the last 15 years, Susan has been a tireless environmental
leader who has taken on the toughest fights in California and won. To
make sure our environment, our communities and our children are
protected, we need her in the California legislature now more than ever.

Democratic candidates need support and they can get that through ActBlue. The idea of setting up your own event or personal fundraising page tomorrow never dies, but there's no reason to delay- click here and get started today!


ActBlue does not take sides in Democratic primaries. All examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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