$100 Million Dollars! $100 Miiiiillion!

100 millionWhen ActBlue was founded in the summer of 2004, it felt like the guy to the right was sneering at Democrats as he roamed around America, raising millions upon millions of dollars from big monied interests for his Republican Party friends. He probably laughed at ActBlue and the thought of Democrats challenging the way money was raised in politics.

It took time but we’ve done it.

$1 million raised by February of 2005.
$10 million by September of 2006.
$20 million by March of 2007.
$50 million by June of 2008.

And as of today, that last milestone has been doubled.

$100 Million has now been raised through ActBlue. Take that Dr. Evil!

It’s thanks to our thousands of Democratic candidates, tens of thousands of grassroots fundraising pages, hundreds of thousands of donors, and millions of contributions from people like you that ActBlue has proved Republicans wrong.

And that’s pretty groovy.


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Pat Hansen


I am blown away!!! This is incredible but look how many of us want change from the status quo!!! Good job everyone involved and donors. I just signed up for 6 months.
Thanks, Pat



I have a question and I hope that you will be willing to answer it. I am a big supporter of ActBlue and I think you do amazing work, so please take this question in good faith:
Of the 100MM raised, $3,950,000 is lost to fees. Of that, as I understand it, $2,450,000 is taken by the credit card companies and other third parties, so those are fixed. However, $1,500,000 is kept by Auburn Quad, the for-profit corporation founded by you.
My question is: how much of that is profit to you? Obviously, Auburn Quad needs to keep some of the fees in order to pay for the website, but as the amounts raised on ActBlue have increased exponentially, Auburn Quad continues to keep the same 1.5% that it charged in 2005.
It is now a huge amount of money, and all of it is deducted from what people donate. How much of that goes to pay for the website and how much goes to profit you all?



I don’t work for Act Blue or AQ, but I can tell you:
$1.5M over the past 4.5 years is $330,000 per year. Even if that was all salary for a few staff members (which it’s not) it would be astronomically, mind-blowingly low considering the amount of money they have been able to raise. Anybody in the fundraising business can tell you that you have to spend money to raise money, it’s just a matter of how much. This site compared to every other model out there is very, very low.

Stan Lake


A PhotoShopped caricature of George Bush- I find the left wing socialists are big on tearing down but small on lifting up anything of positive value in this country. You all are doing your best to destroy the remnants of what was once a great country, speeding us towards a Romanesque demise. We are in the midst of being doomed to repeat history because you either do not understand it or because you embrace the failure you are leading our country towards. 100 million. Good for you, how sad for our country.



Did you say, GROOVY? OMG, that is just about as sickening as the pic of Bush…personally, I prefer the pic of Obama bin lying as the joker, or maybe as Hitler, ..you think you can post those, or maybe you can find a picture of the workers in the ACORN office to post, I know the dems were proud of that group of ladie (whoops) women. These were Obama supporters at their finest.



I think it’s apparent that a lot of Americans are suffering from amnesia. Let’s refresh your memories, shall we?
Do you remember 4.00 for gas?
do you remember the GOP giving Wall Street a VERY large blank check with no accountability?
Do you remember Halliburton overcharging taxpayers billions on contracts in Iraq? and speaking of Iraq, do you remember WMD’s that were never found? that turned into Getting rid of a terrible dictator, that turned into “Bringing Democracy to the unfortunates.”
Do you remember George Bush saying “Because I’m the decider” when it came to accountability for going into Iraq in the first place.
Do you remember how Osama Bin Laden, who was responsible for 9/11 got away in tora bora?
How come the Bin Laden family was flown out of the country on 9/11?
Do you remember the Economy crashing BEFORE Obama even got there?
Do you remember the housing bubble popping, before Obama?
Do you know who Ben Berneke worked for before becoming Bush’s treasurer? was it any coincedince that his old company got the biggest check in the BILLIONS?
Do you even know what fascism, or socialism is, or are you just spewing the rhetoric you hear on the corporate run news?
I can’t understand why republican people want to keep supporting a system that does not care for them at all. A system that is an equal opportunity rip off.
I used to be red myself, but what I’ve watched the Party grow into is not the ideals that I believe in. Just like the days in the bible, the money lenders have grown fat with greed and as has happened before, the rich think they no longer need the poor, they suck up all the money and then the system implodes and they start all over again.
And I’m sorry but this started WAY Before Obama. I was wondering why, after 2 stolen elections and hanging chads (remember that one?) they never even attempted to steal this one. Now i know, it was because they (the money men) knew that who ever took over this fiasco would be the scapegoat. And what a wonderful scapegoat they have found in Obama.
And do you know that in history the financial graph spiked upward (very far upward) during WW1,WW2, and others. It’s because war’s are profitable. Very profitable. These two wars are no different. Our military machine and the people who fund it have gotten extremely fat on the blood of our sons and daughters. And I make that statement, bi-partisan.
I believe that Obama is trying his hardest to do right by the people. All of his speeches I’ve watched, prove that out. He is trying to get everyone to work together, but people want to hold onto their fears and play the blame game. The money men like us divided and easy to conquer.
When a depression like 1920 or just recently (before obama) the money doesn’t just go into the ether. It is redistributed to the top.
These insurance companies don’t care whether you are rep or dem, they will rip you off just the same. If the health care system is fine just the way it is, why did 50% of all bankruptcy’s last year cite medical bills as their reason for filing?
Please people, the answer for 1984 is 1776 (alex jones).


The graph of actblue is increase year by year and now reaches the 100 million$ that is really appreciated. The image of bush is quite happy.