$100 Million Dollars! $100 Miiiiillion! featured image placeholder

100 millionWhen ActBlue was founded in the summer of 2004, it felt like the guy to the right was sneering at Democrats as he roamed around America, raising millions upon millions of dollars from big monied interests for his Republican Party friends. He probably laughed at ActBlue and the thought of Democrats challenging the way money was raised in politics.

It took time but we’ve done it.

$1 million raised by February of 2005.
$10 million by September of 2006.
$20 million by March of 2007.
$50 million by June of 2008.

And as of today, that last milestone has been doubled.

$100 Million has now been raised through ActBlue. Take that Dr. Evil!

It’s thanks to our thousands of Democratic candidates, tens of thousands of grassroots fundraising pages, hundreds of thousands of donors, and millions of contributions from people like you that ActBlue has proved Republicans wrong.

And that’s pretty groovy.


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