ActBlue counters corporate money

While I'm disappointed by the decision of the court in the matter of Citizens United v. FEC, we know that corporate money has always maneuvered around the legislative barriers erected by Congress. Moreover, the academic doomsaying around this issue overlooks an essential truth about American politics: millions of engaged Americans are always worth more than millions of corporate dollars.

Denying the agency and power of Americans feeds a culture of cynicism and disengagement that is antithetical to a healthy political process. If defeatist arguments carry the day, we will hand corporate interests a more significant victory than their money could ever buy.

ActBlue's success tells a different story. When we founded ActBlue in 2004, I knew that corporate donations would always be a significant factor in our political process. ActBlue is a counterweight, a means of balancing special interest money through Democratic mobilization. Our model has been proven. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have used ActBlue to raise $118,000,000 for Democrats. That's six times more money than the entire oil and gas industry gave to Democrats over the same period.

ActBlue allows Democrats to shape their political future in profound and enduring ways. Regardless of the court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC, that's change we can believe in.

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Thanks for everything you do. ActBlue is an invaluable service, and I am happy to tip you every time I make a campaign contribution through your system.

Gary Cohen


Until you stop helping so-called “Blue Dog” Democrats get elected, I will not be contributing any more money through ActBlue

Steve Toher


While the problem of corporate spending in elections is a huge problem, and will now get larger, the real problem is that corporations have any rights other than property rights in this country. Corporations aren’t mentioned anywhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights & rightly so, as the Founders were fighting against the various Crown chartered companies as well as the Crown.
We need to push for laws that strip corporations of all but the basics for legally operating a business.
Corporations can’t:
Be jailed for crimes committed in their name.
Be executed for murders caused by their policices.
Be drafted to defend our country.
Walk in to a poling place to vote.
They do not live in any biological sense & are functionally immortal unlike REAL persons.
They are NOT persons and should have no protections under the 1st or any other amendments of the Constitution.
We need to end this farce NOW while we still can. If we don’t we will soon become indentured servants to the corporate oligarchy.