Transparency is Money

If you're a campaign, the real-time numbers and transparency ActBlue provides are things you should embrace.

ActBlue helps your fundraising momentum get noticed as it happens, rather than months later. In September, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) yelled "you lie" at President Obama. 48 hours later his Democratic opponent, Rob Miller, had racked up $1,000,000 on ActBlue. The first $100,000 came in overnight, and the rest poured in over the next 36 hours. For an entire day, Rob Miller was getting $7 a second through ActBlue.

That surge happened because reporters could see it happening in real time. The press coverage–Bloomberg, CNN, Politico–pushed the story out to an even wider audience, and the money kept pouring in. As a result, a race that was off the radar is now the focus of national attention. That's what ActBlue can do for you. You can't control when your opponent will make a mistake, but ActBlue ensures that you won't leave any money lying on the table when they do.

ActBlue isn't just about capitalizing on major fundraising events. It can also help you build a stable base of grassroots support and increase the size of your email list. That means when your opponent messes up, you'll have someone to tell.

When grassroots donors give, they're looking to connect with your campaign, to play a part in something larger than their $15, $20 or $50 contribution. When they give through ActBlue, their contribution is recorded and added to your total in real time. They can see how many other people are a part of this effort, and broadcast your momentum through their own social network using Facebook and Twitter. Using our recurring donation system, you can build a war chest and network of supporters months, even years before an election.

In other words, ActBlue means more donors, a bigger list, and more money

Without ActBlue, when the donor contributes that money disappears into your payment processing apparatus and doesn't see the light of day until months later, when it gets written up in an article about campaign finance that they won't read. They don't feel like they've made a difference, and they're less likely to give again.

That is–quite literally–a mistake you can't afford to make.

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Good Morning ACT BLUE community. I would like to take a minute to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Ray Medeiros and I am a candidate for Massachusetts state representative in the 9th Bristol District.
I do not have a long history in politics, mainly because I am not a career politician. I am the chairman of the democratic party in my town of Dartmouth,MA, town meeting member,and member of the alternative energy committee. In the private sector I am a licensed electrician by trade and after 5 years of continued higher education I have been exposed to the inner working of small business andworked along side the employees in the field.
The reason I made the choice to run for political office here in Massachusetts is, I am fed up with the voice of the working person not having that voice in Boston. Althouh the state house has a healthy Democratic majority, even some of those leaders have lost touch with the actual worker.
I have been studying economics and tax policy for about 2 years now and the one issue that stands out in my mind is the fact that so many people cater to big business, whether it may be through tax incentives or tax breaks for these corporations. The middle class is losing ground faster and faster everyday. Corporations and executives are making money hand over fist, they do not feel the effects of this recession. I am asking ACTBLUE to please help get my message out. Let’s fight for the people who need a comeback. Families are struggling, small businesses are hurting. Let’s fight together. Government is here to ensure a level playing field, not to get in the way of prosperity, but to set the rules of the game and enforce the the rules so that everyone has a shot at success.