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7 Comments for “Express Yourself”


Pamela Ann Walsh
Arkport, NY
September 16th, 2010
2:16 am
President Obama has kept his word! – Remember Health Care Passed, Remember Extension of Unemployment Benefits, everyone who is out of work should be voting Democrat or go ahead and vote Republican and see who extends those unemployment benefits then, surly the Party that said no was? Yes it was Republicans, especially the voice of John Boener their Minority Leader of the Republican Party, who wants to take our Social Security and put it towards the Deficit they the Republicans created with their Rich Corporations and Wealthy Friends who contribute to the Republican Party. Why aren’t they contributing to Social Security. If you make less than $250,000 you better pray the Democrats hold both Congresses or you wont have any money to do anything if they get back into any office. They are the party that has said ” NO ” to anything President Obama has tried getting passed in both Congresses. Wake up and see just what they are putting in their pockets, our Social Security Money for when they retire and they have paid NOTHING INTO OUR Social Security System, so who do they think can dip into our hard earned retirement funds, that many of us worked two and three jobs, to get what little we do now. They are wanting to take Social Security Money to pay off their mess they created. Use some Critical Thinking out there when you vote, or you might be crying with the rest of us when you have NO Social Security. The M.O.B.- “Mother’s and Men Opposing BushWhackers” The Party that Says “NO” is NOT the Answer Visit us at

Greg Nelson


You’re a socialist and just a joke. People need to learn to take care of themselves. We don’t need more wasteful spending by the big government dems like you condone.



How unfortunate for the GOP. Their party is crumbling around them and they know it. Why else would they continue the fight for “process” of legislature instead of “progress”? All Progressives’ need to operate from that baseline.The Repubs have nothing to offer anyone besides the rich. They have done a fine job of getting the moron vote through Fox and the media. They continue to thump their bibles while committing crimes against humanity. I feel sorry for the teabaggers. Their ignorance, evilness and the absolute void of decency and compassion alarms me but surely we can maintain our majority in both houses. The closer we get to elections the more sinister and pathetic their attempts for control will get.Like a cancer they come. Be Vigilant my friends. Be strong. Let’s beat our drum even louder. We did it in 08 let’s be even stronger now.



So relieved the polls are registering an uptick fot the Democratic candidates finally! One word of caution though… when younger people woke up to politics in 2006 and swept President Obama into the White House in 2008, they brought an updated view of the world and America to the polls with them. Along with that they brought an updated understanding of American English. President Obama and his administration understand this; they speak a common language with a common understanding! Today’s “whining” is not our father’s whining… To misunderstand that puts older folk at the risk of not being able to communicate in today’s world! Keep up the good work, ActBlue! And #votedem in November! After Nov. we can start whining again and pushing for our causes!! #NoBushTaxCutExtentionsForTheSuperRich #LGBT #SinglePayer #RestoreTheMiddleClass #Choice #CRC and so on…



In my opinion,Grayson is a straight-up liar based upon his “Taliban Dan” ad. It is a concerted effort to alter the facts and any idiots dumb enough to vote for him are just that, idiots.
God help you dumb, socialist, leeches and parasites.

Dean Holman


Keep Christine O’Donnell out of the Senate from Delaware. I fear her masturbation police. I can see them taking off from Republican Headquarters in black helicopters to seek out innocent Americans, alone in their bedrooms, clinging tightly to their…bedposts.



I supported Grayson until I saw the dirty commercials he is using to attack his opponent in the upcoming election. He is about as slimey as they come and I don’t care if he is running against a Republican, I hope he loses for being such a scumbag.