2010: September Statistics featured image placeholder

2010: September Statistics

Number of contributions 93,024
Total raised $9,892,076.04
Average Contribution size $106.34
Committees receiving money 1,683
Fundraising pages receiving money 1,613
Pages created 951


September outpaced August signficantly, but more illuminating is the comparison between September 2008 and September 2010:

Sept 2008 Sept 2010 Change
Contributions 50,486 93,024 84%
Volume ($) $7,111,834.72 $9,892,076.04 39%
Mean Donation $140.87 $106.34 -25%
Committees 1,288 1,683 30%
Pages Created 1,040 951 -9%
Pages w/ Money 1,354 1,613 19%


And here are the top committees, by number of donors, of September 2010:

Name Race Donors Dollars
Jack Conway KY-Sen 10,403 $420,689
Alan Grayson FL-08 9,954 $247,141
Russ Feingold WI-Sen 9,139 $283,743
PCCC Organization 6,637 $101,370
Anne McLane Kuster NH-02 6,248 $88,021
Chris Coons DE-Sen 6,181 $518,462
Joe Sestak PA-Sen 4,943 $667,539
Democracy for America Organization 4,603 $55,914
Scott McAdams AK-Sen 3,988 $284,437
Barbara Boxer CA-Sen 2,626 $121,296


I’ll admit that I had to listen to a few motivational songs while compiling this list, but it’s important to realize that this is just a snapshot taken at the beginning of this year’s political season. Donors were just starting to wake up after the summer, and in September they sent more money through ActBlue than they did in July and August combined. Moreover, donors moved quickly to support the Democratic candidates in Delaware and Alaska Senate contests that were newly competitive after upsets in the GOP primaries gave us Christine O’Donnell and Joe Miller. As I’ve said before, that agility is not something to be discounted.

Also, while many of these candidates faced a historically awful political environment, their success on ActBlue demonstrates a solid foundation for Democrats moving forward. The fact that dollars and donations are up in this political and economic climate speaks to the resilience of what we’ve built here.

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