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2010: October Statistics

Number of contributions 169,672
Total raised $16,775,323.27
Average Contribution size $98.87
Committees receiving money 1,796
Fundraising pages receiving money 1,825
Pages created 887


October is the month for political activity. In September people are just beginning to pay attention, and Election Day is too early in November for campaigns to really do much that month. The following two charts display that growth in both relative and absolute terms:

Sept 2008 Sept 2012 Change
Contributions 113,131 169,672 50%
Volume ($) $11,945,397.21 $16,775,323.27 40%
Mean Donation $105.59 $98.87 -6%
Committees 1,388 1,796 29%
Pages Created 1,892 887 -53%
Pages w/ Money 2,006 1,825 -9%


And here are the top committees, by number of donors, of October 2010:

Name Race Donors Dollars
Joe Sestak PA-Sen 25,390 $1,300,011
Jack Conway KY-Sen 20,900 $645,685
Alan Grayson FL-08 20,395 $514,554
Barbara Boxer CA-Sen 16,325 $936,022
Scott McAdams AK-Sen 13,235 $397,175.
PCCC Organization 11,353 $159,908
Democracy for America Organization 11,292 $286,036
Raul Grijalva AZ-07 10,227 $146,210
Russ Feingold WI-Sen 9,566 $294,914
Anne McLane Kuster NH-02 9,505 $120,444


Note the massive increase in donors for the top 10 committes. In Semptember, Jack Conway topped the list with ~10,000 donors. In October, he doubled that figure and couldn’t keep his place at the top of the list, losing it Joe Sestak’s campaign. As he did in the primary, Joe Sestak closed strong on ActBlue, quintupling his donors relative to September. Barbara Boxer also moved up the list, and donors put Raul Grijalva on the board as it became clear the the progressive from Arizona had a race on his hands.

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