Strong small-dollar fundraising programs make it easy for grassroots donors to take action when it matters most. Smart Boost is an upsell pop-up that enables donors to either double their original contribution or increase it by an amount that is smaller than their original contribution, so they can give a little more when you need it most.

By using Smart Boost during rapid response or when deadlines are quickly approaching, campaigns and organizations can empower small-dollar donors to increase their impact with a donation amount that makes sense for them! The upsell will look like this, with custom amounts based on each donor’s original contribution amount:

Smart Boost Example

This feature lives in the new “Post-donation upsells” tab of the form editor. If you use Smart Boost, any recurring pop-ups will be disabled, even if you selected one in the “Recurring settings” tab of the form editor.

Like all upsells on ActBlue, you can customize the title and ask in the Smart Boost upsell, and even add an image! The default upsell text shown in the image above will also be translated if you use our Spanish language option with Smart Boost.

This feature expands our suite of data-driven Smart tools, which use a supporter’s initial donation to suggest an upsell amount. Get detailed instructions for using Smart Boost on our support site, then learn about our Smart Recurring upsells here!

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