Welcome, ActBlue Union!

ActBlue is thrilled to voluntarily recognize the Campaign Workers Guild as the exclusive bargaining representative for ActBlue’s workers and to begin working with ActBlue’s new staff union! Unions make workplaces stronger, more equitable, and more sustainable. These are all traits close to ActBlue’s work to provide long-term infrastructure for small-dollar donors to connect with the campaigns, organizations, and nonprofits they support.

We are proud to work toward our mission alongside our staff every day. We are excited to begin working together on a collective bargaining agreement that supports our workers and will help ActBlue continue our work in 2021 and beyond.

“We strongly believe that we have an obligation to fight for justice, equity, and progress — the same values that fuel our work. In an unprecedented year for so many, we aspire to build an ActBlue where all workers feel valued. We are grateful to the Campaign Workers Guild for their guidance, our friends and colleagues for their contributions and support in bringing this moment to fruition, and the small-dollar donors who inspire us. We look forward to joining ActBlue leadership at the negotiation table as equals in order to ensure that workers have a meaningful role in shaping our organization’s future. We are in solidarity with grassroots movements and our friends in the tech and progressive spaces who are organizing their own workplaces,” the Union Organizing Committee said.

“We are thrilled to welcome ActBlue workers to the Campaign Workers Guild,”⁠ said Meg Reilly, President, Campaign Workers Guild. “We look forward to negotiating a strong first contract over the coming months that protects workers and advances the labor movement.” The Campaign Workers Guild is an independent national union representing workers on electoral and issue-based campaigns and other political workplaces.

The union, made up of over 80 workers, plans to promptly begin negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement.

Welcome, ActBlue Union!

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