This past year was filled with the unexpected, so at ActBlue we focused on what we do best: Supporting the folks using our fundraising platform to power change in their communities. Many of the tools we released this year were designed to help campaigns and organizations adapt to virtual fundraising, organizing, and community building. Some features had simply been on the wishlist for a while, and were a joy to check off (looking at you, Google Pay™ for Android)!

Here’s what’s new on ActBlue:

  • Spanish forms
    We now offer a Spanish language option for contribution forms! This tool translates the standard ActBlue-provided text on a form to Spanish with a single click.
  • Video-focused forms
    To support the transition to virtual events, we launched a tool that enables campaigns to embed a video or livestream on their contribution forms.
  • Recurring pitch
    This setting gives you the ability to make a pitch to your donors that explains why a recurring donation is important in a hard-to-miss spot on your contribution form. We’ve seen incredible conversion rates with this feature, so make sure to try it in 2021 if you haven’t already!
  • Recurring incentives
    To build your monthly program, you can now offer a free gift of your creation to donors who make their contribution recurring!
  • Smart Upsells
    An expanded suite of post-donation upsells driven by data to give you more flexibility!
    Smart Boost
    This upsell enables donors to either double their original contribution or increase it by an amount that is smaller than their original contribution.
    Smart Suggestion
    The Smart Suggestion upsell will present donors with a pop-up that prompts them to commit to a smaller monthly contribution after they’ve given a one-time donation.
    Smart Options
    With this upsell turned on, donors see a pop-up that suggests multiple monthly donation amounts smaller than the one-time donation they just gave, plus the option to set their own monthly amount.

  • Updated A/B test tool
    Our A/B test tool lets you compare slight differences on your forms to see what works best! With the updates released in 2020, your team can now set a hypothesis to easily keep track of tests and run tests on 11 variables and four outcomes!
  • A central hub for account settings & security
    The Settings page is where you can find all security-related tools for your personal ActBlue account, including two-factor authentication (2FA), recent activity, and a list of devices you’ve used to sign in to ActBlue.
  • Google OAuth
    Folks fundraising on ActBlue with a Gmail or Gmail-affiliated email address can now log in using Google OAuth!
  • A better way to track supporter forms
    You can see all the supporter forms raising for you in their own list under the Contributions Form tab of the Dashboard!
  • Custom radio buttons
    This release allows you to collect additional information about your donors on your contribution forms through radio button choices when they give to your campaign or committee.
  • Redesigned webhooks documentation
    We also launched a redesign of the webhooks documentation! ActBlue webhooks enable you to connect your ActBlue contribution data to third-party services.
  • Google Pay for Android
    And last but not least, this was the year we made it possible for donors with Android devices to use Google Pay on contribution forms for political groups!

These releases and tools would not have been possible without our incredible community of campaigns, committees, organizations, and small-dollar donors. If you’re a fundraiser looking to learn more about any of these tools, sign up for a call with our Outreach team!

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

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