Nowadays, we’re all online a lot — whether it be on computers, smartphones, or tablets. Luckily, ActBlue offers a variety of saved payment methods and digital wallet options for all types of internet users, no matter what phone or computer you have access to. Making sure anyone can donate from anywhere is part of our mission to build tech for folks aiming to make people-powered change. Read on to learn more about all of the ways you can, in a single click, contribute to campaigns and organizations making a difference in your community and around the country!

If you’re looking to have it all:

Create an ActBlue Express Account! When you securely save your credit card or PayPal™ information with us, not only can you give in a single click — you also have access to lots of other features that make it easy to keep track of all of your past contributions and quickly give again to your favorite groups. Plus, if you have a Gmail or Gmail-affiliated email address, you can create an ActBlue Express account without creating a new password – simply authenticate your account using Google!

If you have already saved your payment information to a Google account:

Use Google Pay™ to donate! If you have saved a payment method on an Android device, used Chrome autofill, or saved a credit card to pay for a YouTube premium account or other Google-owned service, you likely already have a Google Pay account. Once you have a payment method saved to your Google account and you’re logged in to that account, you will see it as an option on all ActBlue contribution forms as long as you’re not logged in to your ActBlue Express account. Not seeing Google Pay on a form? Head over to our support site to troubleshoot.

If you love to use Apple Pay® for purchases:

You can use Apple Pay to give on ActBlue! If you’re using Safari and have Apple Pay set up on your device (usually an iPhone, but Apple Pay is also available to set up on iPads, Apple Watches, and newer Mac laptops), the option to give using this service will appear on all ActBlue forms.

If you have a PayPal account you use across the internet:

You can also donate to many groups on ActBlue via PayPal and even save your PayPal information to your ActBlue Express account! Although specific state campaign finance laws prevent us from offering PayPal to some groups, it is available on the majority of ActBlue forms.
If you have any questions about giving with PayPal or any of the payment methods above, reach out to our dedicated support team by emailing!

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