We are always looking for more ways to make giving on ActBlue even easier! This is why we have added Venmo™ as a new payment method. Now, you can make one-time donations to your favorite campaigns and organizations using Venmo on mobile and desktop! With more than half of contributions being made on mobile devices, this new digital wallet option makes grassroots giving more accessible to millions of potential donors.

As a nonprofit, all tools and features come standard (for no added charge) on ActBlue for all users, from presidential candidates to local food banks. There is no added work or cost for groups to use Venmo on their contribution forms, and we will display Venmo as a payment option wherever possible.

Eligible users who have the Venmo app downloaded to their mobile device and are logged into their Venmo account will be able to select Venmo as a payment option on contribution forms for eligible groups. Donors can use Venmo to give one-time donations to every type of group that uses ActBlue: political campaigns and committees, 501(c)(4)s, and 501(c)(3)s. Venmo will also be available on eligible Tandem contribution forms, where donors split a single contribution between multiple groups!


Venmo is now one of many payment options available to donors who use ActBlue, joining Apple Pay®, PayPal™, Google Pay™, and ActBlue Express, which allows donors to save their credit card with ActBlue for giving in a single click. Together, these payment methods give donors unparalleled choice when they want to take action by chipping in!

The core of the grassroots movement is putting power back in the hands of the people. By adding Venmo, small-dollar donors now have another way to give, making the donation process even more accessible! To learn more about giving with Venmo, check out our support website.

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