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Have you ever wondered what happens to that donation during election season? Your small-dollar donation goes directly into that campaign’s budget, so let’s take a look at some of the many things your dollars make possible!

Early Voting: September 19th – October 23rd

The first stop for your donation is in mid-September! Around your neighborhood, you’ll begin seeing more yard signs and brand-new pamphlets talking about all the important issues on the ballot.

Get Out The Vote: October 24th – November 7th

As election day grows closer, expect to receive more text messages from campaigns as well as ads on TV and the radio. You can’t forget those election postcards, buttons, and stickers either. After all, your donation made all those things possible, so make sure to rep your candidate!

Election Day: November 8th

Election Day has finally arrived! Thanks to your donation, campaigns were able to provide rides to the polls for communities where local polling locations have been closed and organize groups of people working to protect your vote.

Post Election: November 9th – November 30th

From registering first-time voters to hiring election lawyers for ballot counts, your dollars made a difference this November. As results start to come in, you can take pride in knowing that you played a major role in ensuring the protection of our democracy!

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