Small-dollar donors like you proved the transformative power of grassroots giving this election season. In the face of a predicted red wave, 7.2 million of you turned out to protect reproductive rights, defend democracy from election deniers, and deliver a Democratic US senate, with a total of $3.3 billion in donations! We hope you’ve celebrated and recharged – because the fight for change continues long after Election Day.

Your grassroots support is crucial to holding the ground the progressive movement has gained and continuing to push for change. ActBlue Express has your back with secure, easy-to-use donation tools, so you can focus on the work ahead.

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1. Securely store information

Rest easy knowing your data is safe with us. Our dedicated security team proactively defends against threats to our platform and our users’ information, and we maintain a Level 1 PCI certification by regularly passing rigorous external security tests. Learn more about security on ActBlue here!

2. Give with a click

Tired of typing out your credit card number every time you donate? With an ActBlue Express account, you can store your information in our system and update it at any time, so it’s ready to go when you’re ready to give. Simply click on a donation amount, and bam 💥 – you’ve supported a candidate or organization you believe in. No typing required.

3. Explore and connect

Discover new campaigns and organizations to support in the fight for progress: the ActBlue Express Donor Dashboard puts the ActBlue Directory at your fingertips. Or click “Donate again” to process another contribution to a favorite in moments.

4. Track your donations

See your complete ActBlue contribution history at any time: when you give through an ActBlue Express account, we’ll keep track of your donations for you! You can view and filter your giving history in your browser, or download a spreadsheet for your own records. We’ll also highlight which of your contributions are tax-deductible, so filing your return is (a little) less of a headache.

5. Manage recurring contributions

All your active recurring contributions live in one place in your ActBlue Express account, so they’re easy to review and manage. Update the payment method, amount, or duration of recurring donations with ease. Or, if the time should ever come, cancel with a single click.

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