Despite historical headwinds, small-dollar donors helped power Democratic candidates and progressive organizations, holding the Senate and securing pro-democracy victories nationwide. This month, 2 million unique donors gave over $228 million to 12,283 individual campaigns and organizations, with an average contribution of $39.17. The number of dollars raised and organizations receiving support, alongside the number of contributions and small-dollar donors, nearly doubled compared to November 2018, the last midterm election year cycle.

These numbers demonstrate the continued success of causes and campaigns nationwide in keeping small-dollar donors activated and engaged during the midterms. Motivated and determined small-dollar donors continued powering causes and campaigns that are championing protections for reproductive rights and democratic values and driving progressive change.


 November ’18November ’20November ’22
Contributions 2,401,7008,250,4415,826,857
Dollars Raised$77,574,030.22$369,576,711.75$228,236,230.73
Average Contribution Size$32.30$44.79$39.17
Unique Donors966,4193,014,2392,033,388
Unique Campaigns, Committees,
and Organizations


 2018 cycle through November ’182020 cycle through November ’202022 cycle through November ’22
Dollars Raised$1,632,845,470.88$4,865,196,210.36$3,402,537,336.85
Average Contribution Size$39.78$37.97$40.27
Unique Donors4,895,57414,871,7537,385,308
Unique Campaigns, Committees,
and Organizations


 November ’18November ’20November ‘22
% of Contributions made via a Mobile Device48.3%56.5%62.8%
% of Contributions made with a Saved Payment Method or Digital Wallet Option60.9%74.8%70.5%

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