Celebrating organizations powering Black History Month

ActBlue celebrates Black history year round and we are proud to commemorate the contributions and lives of Black Americans, past and present, and their accomplishments throughout history.  From the Civil Rights Movement to the ongoing fight for racial justice, Black people have been a vocal force in the world of politics, education, and health. 

This month and every month, ActBlue honors and celebrates leading organizations working across civil rights, health, voter rights, and community organizing. We are proud to use our platform to connect donors to social and racial justice organizations like these fighting to build change in their communities. For more organizations check out the ActBlue Directory here.

Here are a few organizations we’re excited to highlight:

  • Catalyst California is a racial justice organization working to transform public systems through its programs. They identify funding and opportunities for their community partners to promote change and racial equity.
  • Edifye is a nonprofit organization that connects Black athletes and teams with mutual aid projects. They help people determined to fight for change find the resources and programs to tackle conversations around social justice and build up their local communities. 
  • The Afiya Center is a reproductive justice center located in Texas working to help transform the lives of Black women by providing resources for reproductive freedom. Their work continues to bring awareness to the transmission of HIV in women of color and amplify the voices of those affected. 
  • The Positive Women’s Network is a Black-led organization advocating for women living with HIV. Their nationwide chapters focus on strengthening the power of all women living with HIV in the United States and building their leadership capacity as policy leaders. 

ActBlue is committed to uplifting organizations advocating for the Black community. Change begins with grassroots movements and translates to real-world impact.  These organizations reflect our mission to ensure everyone has the resources to participate in democracy and build a more inclusive and equitable world.     

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