ActBlue set out for Austin to attend SXSW for the first time! SXSW is a global event that brings together top-of-the-line industry professionals across music, film, tech, and entertainment every year. Since we are the leading fundraising technology platform for Democratic candidates, progressive-aligned causes, and grassroots donors, it’s crucial that we connect with our users in these spaces of innovation. And that’s exactly what we did! From inspirational panel discussions to introducing our refreshed brand, we were thrilled to be alongside other innovative industry leaders. Join us as we look deeper at all the incredible work we did at SXSW!

Expo Booth

Our Creative Industries Expo Booth showcases our mission and brand to audiences from around the world at SXSW!

From the artwork to our coffee station, guests noted that ActBlue provided an inspiring and welcoming atmosphere amongst the hustle and bustle of the convention. As guests came through, staff from across various departments at ActBlue were there to answer any questions about our platform and mission.


We also hosted two panels while at SXSW! Our Turning the Page: Breaking Barriers and Building Power panel focused on expanding structural power among marginalized communities. Honey Mahogany, who currently serves as Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party, is also the co-founder of the Transgender Cultural District and is an advocate for gender equity and LGBTQ rights. Jess Pires-Jancose is the Dallas Outreach & Organizing Manager with Avow Texas and has been working on dismantling abortion stigma through education and providing those facing abortion restrictions with a safe and joyous space. Moderator Adri Rosembert from ActBlue joined them as they discussed this movement’s impact on crucial moments over the last few years. To listen to this panel, click here.

Our second panel, Responding to the Moment: How to Build and Sustain Powerful Communities, focused on what it takes to build and sustain communities around candidates or causes. A’shanti Gholar is the president of Emerge America, the nation’s premier organization that recruits and trains Democratic women who want to run for office and has been organizing for progressive causes for over 15 years. Olivia Julianna is the Director of Politics and Government Affairs at Gen-Z for Change. She more notably is recognized for initiating the takedown of a whistleblower website that targeted those in Texas who aided abortion access and raised over $2.2 million for abortion funds. Shannon Watts is the founder of Moms Demand Action, which is the nation’s largest grassroots group fighting against gun violence. With ActBlue’s very own Dr. Tamara Wilds Lawson moderating this panel, our speakers shared their journey and how that led them to begin this critical work. To listen to this panel, click here.

Meet and Greets

To round out our time at SXSW, we teamed up with collaborators to host meet and greets at our expo booth space, which included: Honey Mahogany, Olivia Julianna, Moms Demand Change, and New Endeavor Texas.

We also hosted a special meet and greet with Austin-based artist Emily Eisenhart, who created an extraordinary mural inspired by ActBlue’s mission to empower changemakers. To learn more about Emily’s work, please visit her website and check out her Instagram

SXSW brings together the best of the best in tech, music, film, art, and culture, and we were thrilled to be a leader in the Social Impact Pavilion this year. With so many forward-thinking minds under one roof, we are even more motivated to innovate while continuing to be the industry-leading fundraising platform for Democrats and progressive nonprofits.

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