From Setup to Success: Live Customer Support at Your Side

With ActBlue’s best-in-class customer support team, digital fundraising has never been easier! We know the ins and outs of political fundraising and are ready to support your campaign or organization from initial setup to ongoing support.

We’re proud to support you with:

Effortless Email Support Every Day

Political campaigns aren’t just Monday-Friday from 9-5. You and your team are on the go between grassroots fundraising and traveling to and from campaign events. We’re here for you with 7-day-a-week email support!

Committed Assistance for Democratic Candidates and Progressive Groups

We understand the unique challenges Democratic candidates and progressive organizations face. Our trained team is here to provide you with all the tools you need to navigate compliance, and your campaign’s fundraising efforts are fully protected with our best-in-class security.

Empowering your Donors

Whether it’s managing recurring donations, updating payment methods, or troubleshooting technical issues, we’re here to support your donors just as much as we help you.

Solving Payment Challenges with Ease

You no longer have to worry about chargebacks, refunds, or fraud prevention! Our dedicated customer support team solves payment processing issues like these so you don’t have to!

Digital fundraising doesn’t need to be complicated. Save time and focus on what matters most, the important and inspiring work you do, and leave it to the ActBlue team to support you and your donors along the way.

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