In 2004, we were inspired by a single idea: What if digital fundraising could be easy, safe, and accessible so that more people could participate in our democracy?

With that vision in mind, we set out to create the best digital fundraising platform for Democratic campaigns, progressive organizations, and grassroots donors like yourself. Almost twenty years later, we are still a mission-driven, people-powered nonprofit organization, working alongside millions of people like you to drive meaningful change.

As you consider this year’s Giving Season, take a look at our story and see how small-dollar donors are making a difference. We are a nonprofit and hope you consider leaving an optional tip to your next contribution so we can continue to power our platform to serve more donors like you. 

Technology With A Mission

Unlike other tech organizations, as a people-powered nonprofit, we have the freedom to focus on building impactful tools that level the playing field for all. Whether a first-time candidate or a seasoned presidential contender, individuals at all levels can use our technology to make a difference.

Always In Action

After nearly 20 years, we have seen donors use technology to take action in crucial moments to drive change, such as advocating for their rights when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, offering support for disaster relief during the Maui wildfires, and contributing to important races this month. As we head toward the new year, ActBlue is excited to see how small-dollar donors continue to show up in the 2024 presidential election.

People-Powered in Every Way

Behind every dollar donated through our platform, someone actively chooses to be part of a bigger movement. Our donors are constantly inspiring us, and it is because of them, through generous supporters who leave tips to support our platform and services, that we can continue our mission every day.

ActBlue is proud to be a nonprofit organization that serves millions of small-dollar donors. While we have grown significantly to better serve our entities and donors, our mission has always stayed the same. We’re proud that we are people-powered, fueled by generous donors like you who leave tips on their contributions. We will continue to break down barriers and allow more people to get involved in our democracy.

Learn more about what people powered means to ActBlue!

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