Boost Mobile Donations with QR Codes

We know how important it is to make donating accessible, secure, and fast. From knocking on doors to hosting fundraisers, having your ActBlue contribution form ready is critical to collecting donations. At ActBlue, we build creative digital solutions that allow anyone to donate, any amount, at any time, and–with the help of tools like QR codes–anywhere. 

Ready to create your QR code? Follow these step-by-step instructions. 

QR codes allow you to take your contribution form on the go so anyone with a mobile device can donate. QR codes have helped campaigns and organizations raise over one million dollars already this year!

Groups of all different sizes are using QR codes in innovative ways to boost their fundraising efforts. Follow these steps to Generate your QR code and get your fundraising started!

Fundraisers & large-scale events

The average contribution size made via a QR code link is $192.28, and the average amount raised via a QR code per contribution form is $912! This is largely due to groups displaying QR codes at fundraising events. If you use a large screen or slide show at your event, upload your QR code so guests can scan it from any distance, or print it on a poster and have it front and center. 

Marketing materials

Whether you’re getting ready to host an event or have a membership drive, include your QR code in an event flier, membership form, or mailer. Supporters won’t have to type in a URL to donate. 


If you’re on the campaign trail this summer, you will most likely spend some time at fairs, festivals, and other community events with vendor booths. Have your QR code printed in a large format so donors can give right there on the spot. 

Print ads

Include your QR code in a printed ad, for example, in a local newspaper, so donors can quickly scan, click, and donate. 


If you’re running your mission out of an office, make sure your QR code is visible to guests and volunteers. 

Get creative – try these QR code placements

  • Merch (ex. bumper stickers, t-shirts, water bottles)
  • Television and streaming ads
  • Letterhead
  • Social media (try uploading your QR code to an Instagram story as a sticker!)

Pro tips for QR codes

  1. Always test your QR code before sharing to ensure it’s going to the correct contribution form.
  2. Keep a quarter inch of blank space around the code. The ActBlue QR codes come with this border already, so make sure you don’t crop the image.
  3. Check your QR code results. QR codes are automatically assigned refcodes on your Stats page. 
  4. Include a URL, too. If you have room, maximize accessibility and display your URL close to your QR code so that anyone without a mobile device or phone camera still knows where to go to donate.

Ready to get started? Follow our guide and generate a QR code.

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