ActBlue has always prided itself on being an organization where changemakers, leaders, and real people can make a difference. As a nonprofit, donor tips allow us to be here for moments that matter most to you, so you can keep building a better tomorrow! ActBlue invests every tip donation to ensure that small-dollar donors remain at the center of the political conversation.

Building Long-Term Change

 In 2004, ActBlue launched with the goal of making campaign fundraising accessible to the people who were most affected by everyday political decisions. We wanted to put people-powered movements back in the center of our democracy and keep them there! After nearly 20 years, thanks to our dedicated donors and their tips, we are able to continue that mission, power our donors, and watch sustainable change grow among communities.

What do Tips Make Possible?

Everyone’s Voice is Heard

ActBlue knows firsthand how important it is for everyone to be empowered to build change. It is what drove us to start a people-powered nonprofit! Thanks to tips, we are able to continue building critical improvements and new products that will elevate our donors’ voices! From responding to wildfires to fighting back on the overturning of Roe v Wade, crucial organizations and donors have been able to mobilize and respond when it’s needed the most.

Breaking Down Barriers

Campaign fundraising used to be exclusive to big-money donors, leaving many people feeling like the issues they cared about were being overlooked. At ActBlue, we wanted to give the everyday small-dollar donor a chance to not only voice their concerns but also be a part of creating the solution! Because of tips, we can continue to build products that meet our donors where they are. We’ve introduced our donors to the ability to fundraise on their own and even to be able to donate safely with popular platforms like Venmo.

Becoming a Part of Something Bigger

ActBlue donors are incredibly powerful! As a community, they’ve been able to raise over 13 billion dollars to support their favorite candidates and causes. Not only has ActBlue been able to create the safest, easiest, and most reliable platform, but we are also proud to be the home of changemakers who are dedicated to building a better tomorrow. Through tips, ActBlue can power its platform and continue to connect passionate donors with campaigns and causes they care about nationwide! 

Thanks to the generosity and dedication of donors who tip ActBlue, we can continue to build the best technology to support more people like you. 

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