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July & August ActBlue Stats: Not So Sleepy Summer

The latter months of summer can be slow at times in political fundraising. After passing the June 30th federal fundraising deadline (which exists for a number of states as well), donors can sometimes disappear. But over 50,000 donors later, nearly $6.7 million was raised through ActBlue in June and July for Democrats up and down[…..]

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Monthly Stats Report, May 2010

Welcome to the latest installment of our monthly stats reports. The summer months are filled with Democratic primaries, but before we get into them we’d like to take a look back at the month of May. With major Democratic contests taking place in Arkansas and Pennsylvania, it’s been a busy month on ActBlue. Let’s dig in:First, the May 2010 Overview.[…..]

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Money Is Different

Matt Yglesias has a post up about fundraising and filibuster reform, which Highlight[s] that political fundraising is a good place to be uncompromising. There’s no sense in “staying home” on Election Day or casting protest votes for can’t-win candidates. You look at the two candidates with the best chance for winning and you vote—enthusiastically—for the[…..]

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