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blogospheredayThere is no better day than today to use the “Blogosphere” category for this post on the ActBlue Blog.

While you can see more of the action over at the Open Left where I’m guest hosting today, here is an updated roundup of all the posts so far talking about ActBlue on the 4th Annual Blogosphere Day.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released this statement.

am immensely proud that 17 of my Senate colleagues have joined me in
using ActBlue to build our Democratic majority, and I expect many more
to do so this election cycle.

Blogosphere Day celebrates the
greatest aspiration of our democracy: people coming together to change
the direction of their country.  By enabling Democrats from all walks
of life to work together, to pool their passion and energy, and to
elect candidates who represent their values, ActBlue has created a
unique strategic advantage for the Democratic Party.

investment in ActBlue builds resources for our best candidates, our
best activists, and our best ideas — and your contribution today makes
the biggest difference as we pave the road to November 2008.

Please support ActBlue today.

Sen. John Kerry was blogging at Firedoglake.

Just a few months ago, we made the strategic decision to partner
with ActBlue on all of our fundraising. One reason for that was that we
wanted to take advantage of some of the innovative possibilities
ActBlue make possible, such as our ŇRoadblock Republicans’ campaign.
We’ve already raised nearly 100K targeting ActBlue’s Democratic nominee
funds for the opponents of some key Republican Senators. The idea that
someone could raise funds in a pressure campaign like that targeting
specific members was pretty new, and it got a lot of attention on the
Hill. And, hopefully, gave my Republican colleagues another factor to
consider when they think of blocking more legislation to really change
course in Iraq.

The other reason we partnered with ActBlue was to support the
overall efforts of the netroots. And that’s why I’m writing today to
support Blogosphere Day, and it’s drive to raise funds for ActBlue. The
time to build infrastructure for next year’s election is right now, and
ActBlue will bring in tens of millions of dollars for Democratic
candidates and progressive causes over this cycle. They are the largest
vehicle for the expression of the financial power of the netroots, and
that power goes a long way towards bringing about a new progressive
future for our country.

Gen. Wesley Clark posts at Huffington Post.

That’s why today is so important. Today is Blogosphere Day — a day that realizes the great promise of our democracy: people coming together from across America to change the direction of our country. In the past, the progressive blogosphere has united on July 19 to support a specific candidate, and I was proud to support Blogosphere Day candidates Paul Hackett and Ned Lamont.

Now on the 4th annual Blogosphere Day, it’s time to invest in our infrastructure, and that means supporting ActBlue.  This isn’t just about 2008, 2010, or any specific election. It’s about building support for activists, for new ideas, and for candidates from the local to national level.  Supporting ActBlue not only strengthens the progressive movement, but it strengthens our democracy.

Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois writes at Daily Kos.

Today, on the 4th annual Blogosphere Day, we celebrate the many
important ways that progressive blogs have changed our democracy for
the better — while also making sure we nurture and invest in the
blogosphere, making it an even greater force for positive change in the
months and years ahead.  That’s why I hope you’ll support ActBlue.

By building our online Democratic infrastructure today, especially
ActBlue, we’re creating a platform that will support all of our
candidates, our activists, and our ideas in 2008 and beyond.  ActBlue
has already done so much to help our progressive movement — now it’s
time for us to help them.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy released this statement.

Today we celebrate one of best things to happen to the
Democratic Party in a long time: the emergence of vibrant online
communities that connect Americans through healthy discussion.

2006 was a landmark year for Democrats and ActBlue’s fundraising
technology was
a big part of that success.  Now as we look to grow the Democratic
Majority in 2008, I’m thankful that Actblue and the larger community of
and other online technologies are here to provide the kind of energy
resources we need to win.

Sen. Chris Dodd has released a statement about Blogosphere Day.

Today is the fourth annual Blogosphere Day and the netroots are coming
together to support ActBlue. I congratulate ActBlue for their continued
success as the online clearinghouse for Democratic action. They have
helped Democratic candidates around the country and at all levels of
government raise over $25 million since 2004.

Yesterday, blogger Matt Stoller wrote,
“ActBlue is a representation of what is great about our country, that
the principles of diversity, openness, transparency, and collective
action can and do work.” I couldn’t agree more. ActBlue has set the
ground for Democratic growth nationwide, by removing traditional
barriers that have limited political participation.

ActBlue has enabled the Democratic grassroots to come together and
effectively support Democratic success — their work deserves wide
recognition for its value.

As a candidate who has benefited from ActBlue’s work, I’m proud to
donate on Blogosphere Day in support of ActBlue’s continued efforts to
provide tools that enable all Democrats a chance to succeed and help
turn America “blue.”

Connecticut Democratic Senate nominee Ned Lamont e-mailed his supporters today.

As an entrepreneur, I am always interested in new
technologies and fresh approaches to old ways of thinking. Since June
2004, ActBlue has provided just that, allowing small donors to amplify
their voices through contributing online and encouraging others to do
the same.

With amazing success, ActBlue has
grown to become an indispensable resource for new candidates who do not
have the advantages of incumbency and institutional fundraising from
the traditional powerbrokers, lobbyists, and PACs.

know from experience that it’s not an easy decision for a challenger
without institutional support to take the risk of jumping into a
daunting race with both feet.

Our campaign
would not have been possible without your support last year. And future
underdog campaigns will not be possible without the opportunities for
engagement that ActBlue provides.

Start Change PAC also sent and e-mail to their list.

decades political power has been held by large moneyed interests who
could send millions of dollars to political candidates. Thanks to
people like you and our friends at ActBlue, this is all coming to an

Through ActBlue’s innovative technology, tens of thousands of
individuals like you are helping break the stranglehold wealthy donors
have on our political system. In the last few years over $25 million
has been raised on ActBlue to help elect truly progressive candidates
like Patrick Murphy, Jerry McNerny, Carol Shea-Porter and more.

Today ActBlue needs our help to continue building its system, adding
features, making it more robust to handle the ever growing traffic load
and further empowering all of us to bring about progressive change.

Blogosphere Day veteran Tim Tagaris posted a video at Open Left.

It seems like yesterday I was constantly clicking refresh while
watching Ginny Schrader’s fundraising numbers shoot through the roof on

Or 2005, as I sat in my Ohio apartment, talking on the phone with
Hackett campaign staff while Bob Brigham noted the different blogs and
institutions raising money for the OH-2 Special Election.

Or last year, at Ned Lamont’s campaign headquarters, as your outpouring
of support propelled the campaign to an unlikely primary victory.

People for the American Way Voters Alliance released a statement.

made a commitment to support the infrastructure of the online
progressive movement, and there’s no better way to do that than
supporting ActBlue,” said People For the American Way Voters Alliance
President Ralph G. Neas. 

“And there’s no better day to announce our
partnership than Blogosphere Day. The power of ordinary Americans
working together for change should never be underestimated. We’re
helping to build the infrastructure so that Americans can use that
power to support progressive candidates, and elect the officials-
Democrats, Republicans and Independents – a great democracy deserves.”

Mike Rogers at BlogActive has posted about Howie Klien’s excellent post on Down with Tyranny.

So far ActBlue has had 200,000 individuals contributing to around 1,700
candidates. Many of these contributions are for $5 and $10 and $20 and
the power of 200,000 people loving our country and what it’s about
enough to donate what they can afford is a power the Republicans will
never duplicate.

Their donations come primarily from
businessmen looking for special consideration and for government
handouts. Our contributions elected a Democratic House of
Representative and a Democratic Senate and in 2008 we will elect a
Democratic President. Together we are powerful. I want to plead with
you today to help insure a blue America by helping ActBlue stay strong
and vibrant. Remember, even $5 helps build an America that will be safe
for our families. Here’s the place to do it.

Taylor Marsh said at her blog

Today is the 4th Blogosphere Day with Act Blue. It’s a perfect time to invest
in the progressive Democratic infrastructure that makes wins like last November possible.

Firedoglake wrote as well.

Raising money to support progressive candidates who
support our values is important.  So is making certain that they hear
from regular folks across the country, and not just political
consultants and lobbyists.

Crooks & Liars, part of the Blue America coalition, posted.

Crooks & Liars hosts ActBlue
with Firedoglake and DownWithTyranny. In the past, we’ve helped raised
over half a million dollars for progressive candidates and helped the
Democrats take back the House and the Senate. But today, the 4th Annual
Blogosphere Day, isn’t about our site or about our wonderful
candidates. It’s about the incredible engine that allows the online
progressive community to act in concert: ActBlue.

Texas Bloggers have written about the action as well. Off the Kuff kicked it off.

The simplest way to think about this is that ActBlue
makes it possible for you to support a candidate that you like. You
don’t have to go to the fundraisers, you don’t have to be on anyone’s
speed-dial list. Just click a link, or if you really want to support
someone, create your own ActBlue
page for that candidate and get your friends and family to click on it.
All the hard stuff – FEC and state regulations, credit card processing,
where to actually send the money – is taken care of, behind the scenes.
One click does it all.

Burnt Orange Report joined in as well.

We won hard races because of ActBlue.  In 2006, victories in Montana
and Virgina would have never been possible without peer-to-peer, online
fundraising through ActBlue.  As we take back Texas we will continue to
use ActBlue, because it is a building block to rebuilding the
Democratic Party in Texas and beyond.

Texas Kaos had their own thoughts as did Brains & Eggs and Eye on Williamson.

Blue didn’t stop with the federal races.  In the last cycle, they took
on the huge task of expanding into state races-including Texas.  Recently, they added party committee funds from all over the nation.

They’re making it easier to have a robust financial underpinning to the
Democratic Party.  They took a good idea, and built it into a reality.
Then they kept on improving and expanding it.

Without the support of the folks at Act Blue, I promise you that 2006 would not have been as happy an outcome.

Blogosphere Day also happens to be the birthday for Calitics’ owner. Virginia’s Raising Kaine talks about their experiences so far.

And that’s fitting for us Virginians in 2007.  ActBlue has worked closely with the Virginia netroots in setting up the Commonwealth’s netroot efforts to support its progressive candidates.

Blue Indiana is encouraging their readers to get active.

For those who may not know, today is Blogosphere Day, which is a
celebration of the political empowerment that the blogs and online
activism have brought to the political process. This year’s festivities
revolve around ActBlue, which has been instrumental in the growth of
political activism online, and represents a priceless tool in the
progressive arsenal.

Bleeding Heartland had a great post.

Act Blue has been the focal point of that effort on the past three blogosphere days.  Today
is our chance to support Act Blue
and help them raise money to expand
and improve their services, and as a way to say thank you for their
years of support and work for Democratic candidates.

Left in the West talks about ActBlue and Montana.

allows any Democratic candidate in Montana to raise money online
without worrying about the hassles of merchant accounts, PayPal™
integration, and secure servers.

It is, in other words, a huge help in promoting progressive candidates.
So, today, we’re encouraging folks to give back a little bit. ActBlue
is working to expand and they need help. Please, do what you can.

Planting Liberally wrote as well.

ActBlue is also an excellent example of what liberal entrepreneurship
can do for the progressive movement. Started in 2004 on a shoestring
budget, the organization has helped raise $25 million for Democratic
candidates in three short years, with a miniscule up-front investment.

Other blogs that have written include Digby, MyDD, David Sirota, Capitol Annex, Florida Netroots, South Texas Chisme, OH-02, Half Empty, Mike Lux, Free State Politics, My Silver State, Tondee’s TavernSuburban Guerrilla, MrLiberal, BlueNC, Booman Tribune, Brave New Films, Michigan Liberal, Swing State Project, and Mark Leno.

A special thank you to Blog for America and Daily Kos as well.

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