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Introducing ActBlue Thermometers

You asked for it.

Choose a goal.  Embed your thermometer anywhere.  Make your pitch and watch the mercury rise!

Any fundraising page on ActBlue now has the opportunity to have a goal and an auto-updating thermometer.  Embed it in your diary, in the comments of an open thread, on your blog or in an email.  You can put your thermometer anywhere you can hotlink an image.

Here is how it works:

1. Click "Goal" in the admin tab of your fundraising page

2. Choose whether you would like to shoot for a certain number of donors, or a certain amount of money

3. Click "Save"

4. Use the code to embed your thermometer anywhere.  It is already on your fundraising page.

Don’t have a fundraising page?

Time to get one!  First, think of a candidate you admire.  Don’t worry if you can’t pick just one, having multiple candidates on a single fundraising page is a specialty of ActBlue.  Search for your first candidate in our directory:

Once you find your candidate, click on the "Fundraise" button to the right of the candidate’s photo.  If you have an ActBlue login, you can use it here.  If you don’t have a user account, just create one now.

Then, just fill out information for your fundraising page.  Make your pitch and explain why your candidate deserves your friend’s hard-earned dollars.  Click over to the "Goal" tab and get a thermometer or look at the "Add" tab to select more candidates for your page.

Goal ThermometerOnce you have created your page there are two more steps to your chosen candidate’s success.

1. Donate on your page.  It is hard to ask other people to donate to your favorite candidates if you haven’t already.  We all can afford at least $5 for our favorite candidate.

2. Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors and coworkers to donate to your chosen cause.  While this might seem daunting, these people care about you and are interested in your passion.  By making the first donation, they’ll know you are serious about helping your candidate win.

As always, feel free to shoot any questions about Thermometers or ActBlue in general my way.  I’ll be here in the comments, and my email is

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