Make more effective weekly recurring asks with our new tool

In the final weeks before an election or the end of a crucial fundraising campaign, last-minute donations can make all the difference. That’s why we’re excited to release a new recurring upsell feature for all campaigns and organizations fundraising for weekly donations on ActBlue: the weekly Smart Options upsell!

With this feature turned on, after a donor makes a one-time donation they will see a pop-up similar to the one below asking if they can commit to a smaller weekly recurring contribution. They will be able to choose between multiple weekly donation amounts, all of which are calculated by our algorithm based on the one-time amount they just gave. The pop-up will also give them the option to set their own weekly donation amount if they prefer!

weekly smart options example

These data-driven asks will make it easier for grassroots donors to commit to a weekly donation by presenting them with donation amounts that are realistic for their individual giving patterns. We based this weekly recurring tool on our most effective monthly recurring tool: In August 2020, the monthly Smart Options upsell had a sitewide conversion rate of 3.91%, triple the conversion rate of the regular monthly pop-up recurring tool, which asks donors to make a monthly contribution that is the same size as their original one-time donation.

If you’re using weekly recurring on ActBlue, you’ll now be able to choose between the regular weekly pop-up recurring tool and weekly Smart Options. You can customize the title, ask, and image in a weekly Smart Options pop-up in the same way you’d customize any other recurring pop-up, and this feature also works with our recurring pitch and recurring incentive tools. We hope this data-informed tool will help you engage more small-dollar donors as regular sustainers when it matters most!

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