Small-dollar donors continue to show up and show out at unprecedented levels this election season. At ActBlue, we are so inspired by the work grassroots supporters are doing to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, and we want to make sure everyone knows their stories! Here’s why small-dollar donors are giving this election season, in their own words:

“I am a small-dollar donor because I know that multiple small-dollar donors make a powerful impact! Every $10 can make a big difference. This election year is so critical. We are electing more than politicians. We are fighting for our very health and safety. We have to put our small dollars together to fight against huge donors and super PACs who support candidates who only care about themselves.” – Michele, South Carolina

“Just like every vote counts, I believe that every dollar counts. And I can support the seven national and local candidates I am backing each with a small monthly dollar contribution.” – Ernest, Arizona

“I believe in giving. No one can be successful without it. However, my budget doesn’t always line up with my desire. I was furloughed from my job as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but was happy to set aside $10. I plan to give more during this election year (in small bites). Before being furloughed, student loans and recovering from periods of unemployment limited my budget as well. I’m glad that the candidates recognize the importance of small-dollar donors. It gives all of us the ability to participate in, and support, democracy.” – Anjelia, New Jersey

“I believe in the power of numbers. It also shows the strength of any candidate running for a political office and makes them less beholden to big donors and PACs.” – Gbenga, Maryland

“I’m a small-dollar donor because I believe as citizens we are called upon to participate in our democracy as much as possible. And with all of the dark money that funds the Republicans, the rest of us have to make our voices heard so that we have a chance to elect people who will listen to and act on our behalf, not just corporations and billionaires.” – Martha, California

“For years, I believed that any small donations to a political party or candidate would be nullified by the big power brokers with their multi-million contributions. But then I realized that there is power in numbers. Now, I try to contribute to as many candidates as possible, even in small amounts, because every dollar will count. Imagine one dollar multiplied by 100 million! Now, try $3.” – Ray, Texas

“I want to support organizations that will keep those in power accountable and give a voice to the voiceless. I give my time, and what money I can afford, to aid those engaged in doing good.” – Anne, New Hampshire

Time and time again, small-dollar donors have risen to the occasion and fueled the candidates and causes that are fighting for a better future. Q3 2020 was the biggest quarter in ActBlue’s history, with donors giving $1.5 billion to Democrats, progressive groups, and nonprofits. This is a continuously growing movement, with new small-dollar donors joining forces to create change this election season and beyond, and we here at ActBlue could not be more grateful for all of their hard work!

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