Small-dollar donors defined the 2020 election cycle, and they’re not done yet! With over 13 million ActBlue Express users who can give in a single click, at ActBlue we see how dedicated small-dollar donors are to the grassroots movement on a daily basis. We see you sharing donation links on social media, we read your stories about what donating means to you, and we see the positive change that each contribution makes! We are honored that ActBlue has become a key part of the grassroots experience, and we want our platform to feel like a hub where donors can track their donations, donate again, and celebrate their accomplishments.

That’s why ActBlue is introducing donor badges for ActBlue Express users! In addition to the account features and tools that make it easier and faster to give, small-dollar donors with ActBlue Express accounts will be recognized for taking different actions on the platform. There are currently 12 badges you can earn that range from making a donation to a campaign for local office or giving to a neighborhood nonprofit, all the way to creating a personal fundraiser!

Image of 12 donor badges: Grassroots Giver, Committed Contributor, Cause Champion, Awesome Advocate, Early Energizer, Sustaining Supporter, State Supporter, Local Leader, National Changemaker, Community Fundraiser, Movement Builder, and Team Tandem.

Earning badges gives donors an opportunity to engage more deeply and acknowledges when they take action during critical points in an election or movement. These badges can be shared on social media to help you start conversations about the causes you care about and spur your networks to give, or simply stay stored in your account as a reminder that you’re making a difference every time you chip in.

We know small-dollar donors are committed to the long-term work of building people power, and we’re excited to recognize their support with this new feature. To start earning badges, log into your ActBlue Express account or sign up here!

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