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Using Video to Boost End-of-Quarter Fundraising

Updated March 21, 2023

Strong video content can help you build a brand, connect with donors online, increase audience engagement and accessibility, and tell your story.

Using video in your end-of-quarter fundraising strategy provides an additional avenue to share your “why”  — your mission, motivation, and goals — and how donors’ generosity supports them as deadlines approach.

ActBlue makes it easy to add any existing YouTube or Facebook video directly onto your contribution form. The experience is seamless for donors, too: they can donate to your campaign and watch your content at the same time.

Learn how to embed a video or livestream onto a contribution form →

Which video should I embed?

Consider choosing a video that explains the urgency associated with EOQ reporting deadlines, highlights success or growth your team has seen since last quarter, or emphasizes your “why.”

These messages demonstrate what your campaign is about and why now is the perfect time to contribute. Remember: Donors respond well to urgency, so EOQ presents a golden opportunity to engage. Videos emphasizing timelines can help boost donations as deadlines approach.

What other strategies can I use at EOQ?

Video is one of many ActBlue features that can help you build your strongest EOQ program yet. Check out our full EOQ Guide here!

If you have specific questions about your campaign, reach out to your designated ActBlue digital fundraising expert to book a strategy call. Not sure who to contact? Email!

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