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ActBlue’s Guide to EOQ: Five Strategies to Boost Fundraising

The end of this quarter is just days away! ActBlue is here to help you maximize digital fundraising efforts ahead of the reporting deadlines.

Get energized for that final EOQ push with these five strategies:

Establish goals and keep track of your progress

Setting a goal helps establish the campaign and communicate the urgency of fundraising toward a deadline. As an ActBlue user, you can publicize a goal and monitor its progress with one tool: the Goal Tracker.

The Goal Tracker shows real-time progress as donors contribute, and it can be displayed on your contribution form and embedded on your website.

Looking for a fun way for your team to keep up the momentum? Try ActBlue’s pinger! Choose a sound you love, and it’ll play every time a contribution comes through.

Add video content

Did you know that you can embed any YouTube or Facebook video to your contribution form? Adding a video to your form allows you another chance to tell your story and connect with donors about your mission. Folks can watch the video while donating, without having to navigate from webpage to webpage.

Choose a video that explains not only why donors should consider contributing, but also why this is the right time to get involved. Remember: EOQ fundraising is all about urgency.

Invest in personalization

You’ve figured out your overall EOQ message; now let’s get personal.

People are more likely to open and engage with emails that are personalized for them. Using donors’ names, locations, and engagement histories, as appropriate, to customize the emails they receive can help solidify donor relationships and motivate folks to get involved.

Try segmenting your email list and tailoring asks to those groups. For example, donors who have contributed to your campaign multiple times, folks who have volunteered with your campaign, and people who recently joined your email list may respond best to different messaging. (Pro tip: Access segmented donor lists via your ActBlue Dashboard!)

Learn how to personalize emails → 

Email isn’t the only opportunity for personalization. With ActBlue, you can also add a personal touch to your contribution form. Learn how here.

Thank your donor community

It feels wonderful to end a fundraising campaign having met your goal, but that can’t happen without your donors. Be sure to email donors when the new quarter begins, letting them know how the campaign went and thanking them for their support — but wait a day before requesting additional donations.

Start planning for next quarter

If this EOQ has uncovered some gaps in your team’s digital fundraising strategy, it’s a great idea to meet with one of ActBlue’s experts.

Schedule a call with your group’s ActBlue representative to talk tips, tricks, and advice. Not sure who your representative is? Contact

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