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Using ActBlue for Event Management

ActBlue is flexible. That’s why we are happy to see our users get creative and make the most of our fundraising pages. So let’s explore the use of ActBlue for event ticketing. Here’s some examples.

  1. The San Diego County Democratic Party held their 27th Annual Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt Dinner in March and wanted to keep track of attendees. They used ActBlue to manage nearly 50 donor/diners by setting up this event page.

    On their page they clearly indicate the time and place of the fundraiser, who was sponsoring it, and the various ticket prices. They also provided instructions on how to pick up their tickets ‘purchased’ through ActBlue. The owner of the ActBlue page has access to all the contributors’ information and could print up nametags and place settings in advance.

  2. Christopher Cabaldon is running for the California Assembly and if elected would be the first GLBT person of color elected to the body. His campaign made this event page which includes the same good points outlined in the previous example. In addition, it includes a visual graphic of the event invitation. It catches the eye and ties into the event’s message.

Not everyone uses ActBlue in the same way and not everyone wants their fundraising totals made public (like the Netroots fundraising effort). With ActBlue, you have the option to turn this ‘scoreboard’ on of off and make the progress of your fundraising page public or private. This allows event organizers to choose the option that best fits their pitch. Some might want the scoreboard public to encourage more to attend a popular event. Other organizers might want the scoreboard private so as to not tips one’s success to a primary opponent. Like I said, ActBlue is flexible!

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