Leveling up your digital fundraising program

The most effective digital fundraising programs are the ones that meet small-dollar donors where they’re at and provide as many onramps as possible for folks to join their cause. If you’re looking to level up your fundraising program, we want to help! We’ve already shared a list of the essential resources you’ll need to get started on ActBlue, and now we want to provide you with the strategy and know-how to take it a step further:

Harnessing the Power of Data

  • Using webhooks, you can integrate your ActBlue fundraising data with other services like content management systems, mailers, and customer relationship management systems. You can also request new webhook services if needed!
  • Add refcodes (like “email” or “homepage”) to your contribution form link to track data, so you can see which link gets the most donations!

Creating High-Impact Contribution Forms

  • Customize your contribution forms by choosing from a number of features offered on ActBlue! On this page, you can click on the contribution form feature you’re interested in learning more about to get a walk through of how to set up and use that tool!
  • Build a strong recurring donor program to allow you to budget for the long haul and make your work sustainable. Learn about our different recurring options and how to enable them on your forms with our one-stop shop for all things recurring tools!

Going Beyond Fundraising Emails

  • Events, whether virtual or in-person, are a great way to connect with your small-dollar donors and get people excited about your movement. Read more about how to sell tickets and merchandise using ActBlue, or how to embed a video or livestream on a contribution form.
  • Give your donors an opportunity to make long-term investments in your movement by using our upsell tools! These include data-driven Smart features, which use a supporter’s initial donation to suggest a recurring or additional amount.

Fundraising with Others

Got more questions about ActBlue? Check out our FAQs page for more, or reach out to us at support@actblue.com!

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