For fundraisers, one of the most important takeaways from 2020 is also a tried and true principal: Recurring donations are an essential part of a sustainable grassroots fundraising program. During an incredibly hectic and challenging year, small-dollar donors stepped up to the plate to give small amounts every month through ActBlue to their favorite groups. Some people picked a cause and donated monthly as a way to make a big impact in the fight for racial justice or COVID-19 relief; others recognized that candidates in their community needed more money than ever to buy ads and campaign in a digital-first world. And 2021 is proving to be no different, as we continue to face a global pandemic and a multitude of other challenges. 

Building a sustainable fundraising program early on will help support you through this year and next, no matter what your group’s goals are – and ActBlue can help! Read on to learn what recurring tools are right for you. 

Just starting a recurring program?

If you haven’t explored ActBlue’s recurring tools before or even considered asking your donors for monthly contributions, try the Smart Options recurring pop-up! You can find this option, along with all of our other recurring upsells and tools, in the “Recurring settings” tab of the form editor. After a one-time donation is processed, a donor will be asked to choose between multiple monthly donation amounts, all of which are smaller than the one-time amount they just gave. The pop-up will also give them the option to set their own monthly donation amount! 

recurring upsell

By enabling this setting, you’re empowering your donors to choose how they want to join your movement. Since this data-driven upsell meets your community where they’re at, it’s a great way to start your recurring program strong! 

Want to explain exactly why monthly donations are essential to your work, early on in the election cycle?

Although you can (and should!) customize your recurring pop-up, we also give you the opportunity to cut right to the chase: By enabling our recurring pitch tool, you can write a recurring ask right on your contribution form. 

recurring pitch

Using this tool, you can talk directly to your donors and let them know why a recurring contribution is particularly important right now – whether you’re starting a new long-term initiative or you’re trying to meet a fundraising goal for the first half of the year. And in a digital-first world, getting to speak directly to your supporters is more important than ever!

Want to engage your Spanish-speaking supporters?

Over the course of the last election cycle, our team built tools to make sure that you’re able to serve the needs of a diverse community of donors and supporters. In the “Form customization” tab of the form editor, you can change all of the standard ActBlue-provided text on your contribution form to Spanish with a single click – including the default copy in our recurring pop-ups! If you have the time, we recommend writing your own custom text in Spanish to explain why you need your community’s support right now. We’ll take care of the rest!

Looking to take your recurring program up a notch?

After you’ve added a recurring ask to your form or your form’s upsell and customized it to explain to your donors why you’re asking for their monthly support, consider adding a recurring incentive to your form! This tool allows you to offer a free gift to supporters who sign up for a recurring donation, right on your contribution form. 

recurring incentive

In addition to being a great way to share your merch while in-person activities aren’t possible, you can engage donors who haven’t previously committed to a recurring donation.

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