2024 Recurring Strategy

Build Your Base: recurring strategies for 2024

Every new cycle, campaigns and organizations evaluate their digital programs and decide how to improve overall fundraising, deepen supporter relationships, and ultimately win elections or drive their mission forward. 

Sound familiar? If you’re weighing all the options, add a recurring program to your 2024 strategy. Not only do monthly contributions bring in more money, but a strong program makes budgeting decisions easier and saves time in the long run. 

Why Recurring Donations Work

The key is to start early and ask often, so below are some tools you’ll want set up or test right now. 

Recurring Incentives

Who doesn’t love a free gift? If you’re launching a recurring campaign, consider using our recurring incentives tool. Incentives increase conversions, build support, and have the potential to generate a positive ROI on your campaign. 

Add a gift to your contribution form

Smart Options

Most of us don’t have the time or staff to manually create recurring asks that we know will appeal to our donors – especially with inflation and constant shifts in donor behavior. With Smart Options, you can lower the barrier to entry and save yourself some time by letting donors opt into smaller, data-driven ask amounts. 

Set up Smart Options

Bump Your Recurring

Already have a strong recurring program? Create customized links that allow your current recurring donors to easily bump up their monthly donation amounts in a few clicks. These personalized links can be used in fundraising emails, newsletters, SMS messages, and more.

YouTube linked image to a Bump Your Recurring tutorial for building a recurring program.

Additional Tools for Planning Ahead

A/B Testing

Now is the perfect time to test out different form elements so that when it’s game time, you know what resonates most with your donors. Remember to analyze your A/B test results to inform your decisions in the future. 


Have you ever added something to your online shopping cart only to forget about it until it’s too late? Use remarketing to send a friendly nudge to donors who began filling out your contribution form but didn’t finish.


If you’re looking for ways to organize your fundraising program, integrate ActBlue with your other favorite tools for a more streamlined workflow. Try connecting through a webhook or integrating with Google Sheets™.

Google Sheets is a trademark of Google LLC.

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