Article Title: Your Election Checklist

Election season can be a stressful time to fundraise. Luckily, ActBlue helps you meet your fundraising goals and engage your donors with tools that are quick and easy to use! Below is a checklist of five essential tools that allow your supporters to seamlessly and securely contribute to your efforts during crunch time.

1. Thanks & Receipt

After making a successful contribution, a donor will see a Thanks page and receive an email receipt. You can customize both messages, so make use of that space! Let supporters know why their contributions are critical to you and your campaign.

Election Tip: Use your thanks & receipt messages to remind voters when, where, and how to vote! You can even include a link.

2. Social Share

Supporters can post your contribution form on social media after they donate, which makes it easy for their friends and families to donate and helps you build your grassroots community. You can customize what these social shares look like on Facebook and Twitter by editing the social share image or even just the message.

Election Tip: Be strategic! Edit your social share message to remind supporters that it’s crunch time. Include Election Day language in the title or description of your social share.

3. Entry Mode

Entry Mode makes collecting multiple donations on one device simple and secure. No user data is stored in Entry Mode, which is great for accurately collecting small-dollar donations!

Election Tip: Hitting the doors this weekend? Bring a mobile device and turn on Entry Mode to optimize your grassroots fundraising.

4. Remarketing

With remarketing, you’ll never miss an opportunity to connect with a potential donor. If a donor began filling out a contribution form but never clicked that final button to submit their payment, you can send them a follow-up email with our remarketing tool. This feature allows you to customize an email message to these potential donors.

Election Tip: Use this message as an opportunity to remind folks of upcoming fundraising deadlines and what you could use their donation for (organizing efforts, yard signs, etc.)!

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